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As the world moves towards digitalization and online platforms; delivering a flawless user experience has become a major issue to tackle.

Improving website performance means increasing conversions and revenue nowadays.

Medianova ensures that you serve fast and secure content for any device no matter where your users are.

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Why CDN?

Performance is a crucial aspect of managing and delivering a website.

More than 50% of your users will abandon your website*, if it takes more than three seconds to load.

It is a challenge to maintain, especially in today’s time when such web pages tend to become bloated with code and content.

The same holds true, if you are an OTT or streaming service provider, QoE is an important factor for user retention, referral, and growth. And QoE is directly impacted by factors such as buffering, high-resolution streaming, etc. which requires an up to date infrastructure and use of modern technologies to deliver a superior experience.
(*Based On Google)

Enter Medianova's CDN Solution.

Our state-of-the-art CDN solutions are designed to give you a significant uptick in terms of your website performance and OTT streaming quality delivery.


We use the latest and most advanced technologies with our CDN solution, to ensure that you get the best delivery performance.

We use the latest Http 2 technology which is a modern, more efficient protocol for retrieving resources over the internet, much faster and with a few round trips as possible. With our HTTP/2, you will get benefits such as improved speed thanks to HTTP/2 with multiplexing, header compression, secure connections, and parallel requests.

Brotli is the latest compression algorithm, developed by Google, that works best on text compression. Our use of Brotli compression on our CDNs helps achieve faster load times and prevents excessive space utilization, leading to efficient output.

We care about your security. Enjoy the benefits of a secure website by using custom or shared SSL options which can be enabled in real-time. With SSL acceleration, you can offload processor-intensive public-key encryption for Transport Layer Security and its predecessor, the Secure Sockets Layer.

Google BBR is a Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) that aims to handle the congestion with the high web traffic over the limitations of the modern network. By introducing a new way for congestion control algorithms, Google BBR helps you deliver faster and better quality pages, and delivers improved network performance even when network performance is very good.

Anycast DNS is a modern traffic routing algorithm that directs network traffic to different individual nodes on the network, depending upon the server's health, capacity. It can also be used to route incoming traffic to different locations: the nearest data center that has the required capacity to handle the request efficiently.

Today, images have become a key component with online content delivery as they help to keep users better engaged with your content. We employ the latest and modern image optimization technologies to help transform, reduce the size, and serve images at the edge, closer to your users.

With our inbuilt purge service, you can easily delete files to remove the cached content on our servers that you no longer want. Purge service helps keep your website and web app fast and responsive. By defining rules to purge content, we help increase the performance.

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