SSL Acceleration

Make your site secure with our shared SSL or by installing your own SNI certificate. 

Your site will be HTTPS ready easily and for free.

What is it?

SSL (Safe Socket Layer) allows a server and a client to communicate in a secure, encrypted manner. SSL certificates are encrypted certificates that make websites secure. Customers favor secure sites over less secure sites especially when they need to provide personal information (ID, address, credit card information, etc.) 

For many years, the HTTP protocol has been used to facilitate internet communication, however HTTP is not considered as secure as the end-user and the server does not share an encrypted key. To solve this problem and make connections between end-users and servers more secure, the HTTPS protocol is invented. HTTPS uses the SSL encryption layer and is considered to be safe.

HTTPS connections are powered by the latest technology such as TLS 1.3 and optimized HTTP/2. Encryption certificates purchased by you should be activated from the Medianova Panel. This way your customers can reach your content more securely by utilizing the HTTPS protocol.