Better Performance

100% SSL Network provides an increase in performance in data transfer speed of your website. Latest Cedexis Performance Report shows Medianova SSL runs the fastest among CDNs

Better Seo

Google Boots and other search engines likes HTTPS.

New protocols like HTTP/2, image formats like WebP and compressions like Brotli improves SEO.

All Locations

Medianova SSL network is available on all locations. No “Premium”, just a standard feature to select.

Fast Load Time

Having more efficiently programmed SSL allows for fast and secure transfer of data.

Reduce Costs

Eliminates the need to buy and install SSL server software on every server within the network.

Instant SSL

No manual installations or waiting to deploy.



How Can CDN Improve Your Google Ranking?

How Can CDN Improve Your Google Ranking? CDN – Content Delivery Network – is one of the latest SEO buzzwords – but how does it help your Google ranking? CDN integration serves a cached copy of your site from a location closer to the visitor, which drastically reduces average page load times. So, how does … Continue reading

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SSL Activation and Purchase

About SSL Certificate Secure Socket Layer(SSL) provides secure, encrypted communications between a server and client. A website with an SSL certificate is considered safe. Generally, The most important reason for e-commerce sites to be preferred by users is whether they are secure. The Http protocol has been used for many years to provide communication in … Continue reading

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