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Ensure continuous business operations. Keep your web apps and APIs resilient against malicious bots, DDoS attacks and other threats including OWASP vulnerabilities.



Elevate user engagement with fast online experiences. Drive peak performance and availability by reducing latency and load times, and accelerating downloads.



Effortlessly migrate and securely store your data in our S3 API-compatible object storage, tailored to meet your diverse needs from cloud-native and AI/ML applications to off-site disaster recovery.


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Extra layer of security & outstanding performance with Aksela

Aksela increases your defense against cyber threats by shielding your origin servers and hiding your IP.

Security + Speed

Securing your digital world with the speed you need, speeding your platforms with uncompromised security.

– Medianova stands for both.

Medianova CDN outperformed other local and global CDNs in Hepsiburada’s MultiCDN mix, capturing 67% of total traffic from Cedexis’ real-time decisions. With robust edge caches, 99.13% of diverse content was cached and delivered seamlessly. Content download speed increased by 25%, page load time by 9%.

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With Medianova’s Agile Private CDN, STARZPLAY’s hit ratio surged from 30% to 72%, error rate dropped to nearly 0% for 10K+ streaming requests, and video start times accelerated by 52%. A total of 679 unique devices and 17M+ requests were efficiently served.

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Medianova’s regional PoPs enabled Magrabi’s load times to reduce by 74% and average response times by 47%. With our WebP and Image Optimization technologies, total downloaded bytes decreased by 92%. We served 100% of Magrabi’s images and enabled bandwidth cost savings.

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“Medianova helped us optimize and deliver our images faster than ever with its strong infrastructure and regional PoPs in the Gulfcountries.”

Salma IntabliHead of Performance Marketing at MAGRABi

“Medianova helped us execute a successful migration to the Private CDN platform. We then achieved an increase in streaming quality while saving in CDN costs.”

Faraz ArshadCTO at STARZPLAY

“After switching to Medianova’s CDN technologies, including Aksela, our TTFB and CPU usage drastically decreased, affirming a much-improved user experience for our shoppers”

Alper TekinIT Director at ebebek

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