Protect Your Web Application and APIs with Medianova WAF without Compromising performance

Managed Rulesets & Customized Rules

Protect your Apps and APIs against sophisticated attacks reported by OWASP “Top 10 Security Risks” list, such as Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection. Define customized rules for tailored protection and prevent false-positives.

Security at The Edge

Extend your security perimeter and block attacks at the edge, before they ever reach the origin. Improve your defense with Medianova WAF, which runs on our powerful global edge network that is distributed among 50+ data centers.

Increased Scalability

Increase your scalability with our CPU-optimized WAF running on Kubernetes environment and ensure App & API security at all times – even during huge spikes of traffic.

Reduced Costs

Secure your platforms without investing in expensive hardware appliances and lower your general costs with zero CAPEX. Decrease resource usage at your origin and save on infrastructure costs, by serving your content from CDN.

Integrated Design

Integration with wide variety of services; Dynamic CDN, Anycast DNS and Load Balancing.


Blocks malicious traffic from certain in geography.


TLS 1.3 increases productivity by reducing lateness and increases cipher strength security.

DDoS Mitigation

Protection against DDoS attacks and provides attack mitigation.

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