Google BBR

As part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible performance, we offer you the BBR feature without any additional cost and intervention required. 

What is it?

Google BBR is a Congestion Control Algorithm that provides higher throughput and lower latency. It stands for Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation and it relies on packet-loss detection to detect congestion using TCP. 

Medianova’s infrastructure is fully integrated with Google BBR and your content can be sent to the end-users by making use of the BBR algorithm. This algorithm ensures faster content-delivery by means of monitoring data-packet performance between the end-users and Medianova servers. By enabling BBR, your content is sent via higher throughput and lower latency so the end-user reaches your content faster.

Plus, the BBR algorithm helps improve the reliability and resiliency of data by optimizing the rate at which it’s transmitted over last-mile networks to end users.

Main Benefits

  • Reduced Round Trip Time by 33%
  • Reduced delays and faster processing when browsing the web, chatting, playing games, etc.
  • Better SEO ranking thanks to a lower latency
  • Increased average throughput