TLS 1.3

TLS is a protocol developed in 1999 to provide secure communication between web browsers and servers.

Evolved from Netscape’s SSL security protocol, which enables data to be encrypted between web browsers and servers, TLS consists of two layers: “TLS Record Protocol ” and “ TLS Handshake Protocol”.

TLS 1.3 was needed because the previous version, TLS 1.2, used legacy encryption algorithms and was unable to make the configuration properly.

New digital signature algorithms have been added to TLS 1.3. First support for 1-RTT Handshake and 0-RTT in TLS 1.3

In TLS 1.2, 2 Round Trips are required between the web browser and the server to complete the TLS Handshake Protocol. Only 1 Round Trip is sufficient for TLS 1.3.

TLS 1.3 increases productivity by reducing lateness and increases security by using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms

This feature is provided to our customers free of charge on the Medianova CDN platform

When Medianova customers activate SSL in their accounts, TLS 1.3 is activated automatically and free of charge in the supported web browsers