The high quality of your streaming means more conversions down your marketing funnel.

The high quality of your streaming means more conversions down your marketing funnel.

At Medianova, we provide superior video streaming, both live and on-demand, on the back of our strong CDN backbone.


With our adaptive streaming, you can encode multiple live or on-demand streams and switch them adaptively based upon changing line conditions and other variables on the user end.


Our platform offers end-to-end corporate video solutions that you can configure and deploy on the basis of your needs, immediately.


We believe in mastering time-consuming IT processes and turning them into agile deployment. We provide complete compatibility with your IT and adherence to enterprise security standards, thus ensuring a quick and seamless integration into your infrastructure.


Our expert engineers are available for 24/7 support so that you can relax and focus on your core video offering without worry, or losing any sleep over performance issues.


We care about your security. Enjoy the benefits of a secure website by using custom or shared SSL options which can be enabled in real-time. With SSL acceleration, you can offload processor-intensive public-key encryption for Transport Layer Security and its predecessor, the Secure Sockets Layer.


With our inbuilt purge service, you can easily delete files to remove the cached content on our servers that you no longer want. Purge service helps keep your website and web app fast and responsive. By defining rules to purge content, we help increase the performance.


Social Media Platforms have become the essence of marketing. If you are not optimizing your social media potential, then you are missing a major share of your Video Streaming audience. Our service will help you to closely integrate your video streaming with social media


Social Media Platforms have become the essence of marketing. If you are not optimizing your social media potential, then you are missing a major share of your Video Streaming audience. Our service will help you to closely integrate your video streaming with social media

Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

STARZ PLAY is a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that streams thousands of blockbuster Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids entertainment…

Why BluTV decided to work with Medianova to improve its End-User Experience Score

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Video streaming services have already become part of the modern world. Standard entertainment habits have rapidly evolved with the digital transformation.

As a result, video and movie streaming platforms like Youtube, Netflix, and HBO Max have become dominant actors in the entertainment industry. And many social media platforms have begun to offer video content streaming opportunities.

Of course, the business world began to use video streaming services as an effective tool quickly. But live-streaming culture is still in its infancy period.

Using live streaming for business is a relatively new concept. But, its effectiveness is increasing gradually in many sectors. One of the most critical reasons causing this is the change in the end user’s expectations. Modern customers want their bond with organizations to be as organic as possible. And Live Streaming, by its nature, has significant advantages in keeping the user engaged and increasing interaction opportunities.

In this article, we’ll talk about what organizations need to do to succeed with live and on-demand video streaming?

But before going through the checklist, let’s discover the importance of using video streaming for the business.

We are passing through a period where visuality and value transfer are at the center of customer expectations. Digital users are distracted, and their attention span is considerably shortened. Therefore, they will inevitably prefer content that they can follow with minimum effort but maximum efficiency.

According to Blogspot, 54% of consumers would like to see more video content in the future.  This statistic is proven by the returns that creating video content brings companies. Looking at this data, we can quickly realize that underestimating the marketing potential of on-demand video streaming means missing out on many possible opportunities.

In the case of live streaming services, the result is the same. The giants of social media have started to activate live streaming platforms. Platforms such as Facebook Live and Youtube TV have already begun influencing a large audience. According to Grand View Research’s Global Video Streaming Market Share Report, the international video streaming industry is anticipated to be worth USD 330.51 billion by 2030.

Live streams radically change users’ relationships with organizations. Live streams supported by social interaction opportunities allow users to see the brand as a living entity and establish a much more sincere bond. 

A successful live stream can have a positive impact on customer relations and marketing. This can be seen more clearly in the e-commerce industry, where live commerce is creating a revolution.

When live streams are used effectively, companies can address a much broader audience in a much more organic way. If you want to turn these possibilities into advantages, here are the tips and tricks you need to take to deliver a quality video streaming experience.

Plan the Entire Process

Whether you’re offering an on-demand or live streaming experience, make sure you’re in control of the entire process. The quality of your video streams is determined by planning activities such as setting goals, preparing equipment and a shooting environment, creating a content flow, and preparing for emergencies.

Especially in live streams, a simple mistake in the planning process, like choosing the wrong time zone for your audience, can cause significant losses. That’s why you should put as much effort into the planning phase as streaming.

Improve Your Equipment Quality

Physical details such as equipment may not seem important at first glance. However, details such as muffled sound, poor picture quality, and a lack of light directly affect a viewer’s engagement with the stream.

Even an old technology audio mixer can prevent you from performing your stream with the quality you want. So if you decide to stream on-demand or live, you must keep your equipment quality as high as possible. 

Setting your equipment is essential.

Update Your Technical Infrastructure

For your stream to be healthy, review your technical infrastructure before starting the recording. You should double-check your internet connection’s quality. If possible, ensure each device is connected to the internet via ethernet cable, as wireless connections are likely to cause problems.

Be sure that you have enough storage space available for on-demand streams and that you have chosen the right encoder/switcher for live streams. Ensure the stability of your electrical connection and that rechargeable tools are fully charged.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Even if you have taken every precaution to make your video streaming run smoothly, unexpected problems can always arise in the flow of life.

Therefore, keep additional equipment ready that can replace your existing equipment. If possible, find an alternative network to which you can connect. A broken microphone, a scratched camera lens, or a malfunctioning cable can make your live stream fail quickly.

Perform a Dry Run

No theater team can achieve great success without rehearsing. Video streams are also artworks that should be approached with the same mindset. Especially before live streams, it is vital to see the flow of content and test the equipment to ensure that the stream will run smoothly. A simple but effective dry run can detect dozens of problems during video streaming and help you take the necessary precautions.

Work With a Solid CDN Partner

As communication possibilities expand, every content now has the opportunity to reach every corner of the world in real-time. This is a unique opportunity for organizations looking to appeal to a broader audience. To deliver an enhanced video streaming experience, you must ensure that every viewer enjoys the content equally. Performance degradation is inevitable when you want to reach all viewers from a single source, depending on the distance and the load on your server.

Content Delivery Network Services is a solution to overcome these problems. With the help of CDN, organizations deliver content to the user via nearby geographical points. Thus, each user receives the same content from the server closest to their location with high performance.

A robust CDN solution can make a difference in

  • Preventing performance drops by reducing the transfer load on the network bandwidth.
  • Minimizing the workload of the primary server
  • Reducing the latency in the live stream by shortening the distance that the data has to reach.

Medianova’s video and streaming service offer a multi-bitrate adaptive, high-quality live and on-demand streaming experience from the most convenient point to your user’s location. It provides complete compatibility with your IT and adherence to enterprise security standards.

CDN Services can raise your standards as a whole. By contacting the Medianova team, you can discover why Medianova CDN solutions are the answer to all your needs.