Brotli is a new-generation Web Compression method, developed by Google. It compresses the files on your website up to a certain level, ensuring that your website opens more
quickly and that the bandwidth (traffic) load is balanced. The creator of brotli Google ,says that it’s 20-26% more performant than the other compression algorithm it made called zopfli.

If you have a website which especially uses up a very high amount of traffic periodically, the Brotli compression method will certainly relieve your website.By balancing the traffic,
it will prevent the excessive bandwith usage.

It will also allow your website to load more quickly by compressing the files in your website.

Compared to Gzip, the Brotli algorithm provides a 17% to 25% more compression ratio in such formats as css, html and js. As the decompressing cost is lower in mobile devices,
it provides a better performance in battery life and speed..



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