About Us

Medianova empowers its customers’ digital journey by creating a faster and more secure digital world with its cloud platforms and services, consisting of streaming, encoding, caching, microcaching, hybrid CDN, Web and API acceleration, content optimization and WAF. Medianova’s distributed global edge network consists of 50+ data centers worldwide.

Medianova CDN accelerates websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, videos, games, SaaS products, APIs across all devices. With its footprint in 21 countries and 100% SSD powered anycast network, Medianova is one of the fastest https secure CDNs in Europe and in Middle East based on Cedexis.

Caching content with Medianova CDN decreases response times and enables quicker downloads for web and mobile users. It decreases latency and load times. As load times decrease, a higher performance and better user experience is ensured. It also decreases bandwidth & resource usage by offloading the requests from origin infrastructures and thereby makes it possible to save on costs.

It increases redundancy by caching and delivering content through multiple data centers to improve availability and keep uptime as high as possible. Moreover, speeding up page load times with CDN positively impacts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings, and overall revenue.

Medianova’s Global Network

50+ PoPs

10 Tbps+ daily traffic peak

30 Tbps+ network capacity

98+ % average cache HIT ratio

50M+ images optimized per day

4.9 Peer Insights Score

15 B+ requests per day

150M+ requests/sec on DNS servers