Private CDN

Medianova’s Private CDN gives you more control and flexibility. You get your dedicated POPs within your private network or wherever you choose.

Better Performance

Having POPs closer to your own users and having more control over the cache size, provide higher performance as latency improves drastically.

Private CDN adopts a custom designed cache management and cache sharding based on your requirements and your content.

Custom-Built & Flexible

Your content, your choices.
Private CDN empowers you with custom configuration abilities that suit your business requirements and processes.

Medianova can create custom routings (CDN maps) for specific zones based on geo-location, country, a specific ISP or just CDN cost.

Multi-CDN Compatible

Your Private CDN can be used together with other cloud CDNs as part of your Multi-CDN strategy. We can also easily integrate with DNS based load balancing solutions such as NS1 and Cedexis for routing based on performance or cost.

Enhanced security

Private CDN means private servers and storages. As you don’t share the POPs with others, you will have a high level of privacy and control over the content and security policies.
You will also be able to use security protocols used by Medianova such as TLS 1.3


Unlike cloud CDNs charging per consumption, we offer flat price per node for license and management without unexpected costs. This model allows you to make your own deals with ISPs and internet exchanges if needed. As a result, the more traffic you deliver through your Private CDN, the lower your CDN cost will be.

100% Managed Service

We design, build, and manage the Private CDN that suits your needs. Our team unites with yours through Slack or other means starting from design to implementation and to monitoring.
We take pride in our superior support on the shared Slack channels. Everything is fully managed and taken care of by Medianova.

We know your challenges…

Deploy on different infrastructures
Medianova Private CDN is hardware-agnostic and can run on physical, public cloud, private cloud, and container-based infrastructures.

Secure your content with watermarking solutions
We partner with different companies to secure your content even more to prevent piracy.

Data driven monitoring & management
Access log-based real-time monitoring and reporting to measure user experience and service quality.

Software-defined & agile
Modern CDN software architecture and microservices based backbone.

Cutting-edge technologies

EdgeCache™ Technology
Medianova’s EdgeCache™ technology combines all the cache on the edge servers into one single cache pool which results in more than 99% hit rate and much higher streaming quality.

Multi-layered Caching
Medianova adopts a custom designed multi-layered cache approach based on your requirements and uses geographically distributed cache layers.
All cache support sharding to prevent duplicated content caching and improve efficiency..

Bring Your Own Hardware
Have you already invested in CDN hardware and would like to modernize your delivery performance?
We have great news! Private CDN can be deployed on existing hardware and be optimized for different CDN functionalities and usages.

Container-based Agile Platform
Unlike most Private CDN providers or CDN appliance vendors, Medianova does not dedicate different hardware for each application due to its software-defined topology and container architecture. This architecture enables your organization to run its own containers and microservices on the same hardware.

Customer Success Story

How MEDIANOVA helped STARZ PLAY improve its CDN performance by 52% and lower its operating costs.

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Streaming Industry Expert

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CEO of Medianova CDN

The State Of Private CDN in 2020

A data-driven webinar hosted by streaming industry expert, Dan Rayburn and Serkan Sevim, CEO of Medianova CDN. The webinar shares exclusive survey data at the crossroad of the streaming industry and the CDN industry, while highlighting the state of Private CDN between the present and the future.