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Accelerate and Secure Your App And APIs with Aksela

Improved Security

Aksela adds an extra layer of security and increases your defense against cyber threats by shielding your origin servers and hiding your IP.

Outstanding Performance

Aksela creates cached copies of your website and delivers them based on users’ geo-location, leading to reduced round trip time and latency. Together with techniques such as TCP Acceleration, content compression and optimization, Aksela boosts your website & APIs’ speed and performance.

Increased Availability

Aksela raises your website’s availability. Through cached copies, your website will always be accessible even in the event of your server being down.

Rate Limiting

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Medianova WAF service built on top of Aksela protects your site from the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and lets you define custom rules for extra protection.

DDoS Protection

Aksela protects your websites and mobile apps from DDoS attacks thanks to its DPDK based architecture, very high network and hardware capacity and its Anycast BGP based DNS infrastructure.

Accelerate Your Websites & Mobile Apps

Aksela uses TCP accelerationmicro-cachingcontent compression and HTTP/2 techniques complemented with a rich set of features to boost mobile app performance.

Aksela, with its micro-caching technology, provides different options such as no-cachecustom cache and full cache. When micro-caching is enabled, many user requests no longer need to make a round trip through the origin server, thus reducing the latency and improving the performance.

Protect Your Web Properties

Aksela also adds an extra layer of security by standing between your website and users. It shields your origin from being the direct target of DDoS attacks or malicious bots by hiding your origin server and mitigating attacks on our Anycast DNS based global edge network. Additional services like Web Application Firewall and Rate Limiting raise security to a greater level.

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Cost Reduction & Increase Scalability

Your origin server will handle less traffic as a result of offloading requests to Aksela. Resulting in a sharp reduction in resource usage at your origin infrastructure and associated expenses. Reduced resource usage and the network costs.

Reduced Latency

Reduced round trip time and latency are achieved by creating cached copies of your website on our globally distributed edge network and delivering them based on users’ geolocation.

Easy Integration

Compatible with SAP Hybris. Dedicated Customer Excellence Team who are accessible on private onboarding Slack channels.


Aksela adds an extra layer of security by standing between your website and users. It shields your origin from being the direct target of DDoS attacks or malicious bots by hiding your origin server and mitigating attacks on our Anycast DNS based global edge network.

100% Uptime

Even if your primary origin source is down, your site will continue to be accessible without 5xx errors thanks to Aksela. Your origin gets protected against unusual/unpredictable traffic spikes.

SEO Booster

Aksela will speed up your website and boost its performance leading to better SEO. The faster your site is the higher it ranks on Search Engines.

Innovative & Cutting-edge Technologies

  • EdgeCache™
  • Instant Purge
  • HTTP/2
  • Image Resize & Optimization
  • WebP Conversion
  • Web App & API Acceleration
  • Dynamic Site Caching
  • Google BBR
  • Brotli
  • Origin Shield
  • Anycast DNS
  • TLS 1.3
  • HTTP/2
  • Rate Limiting
  • Geo-Blocking
  • Bad bot protection

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Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

This Is How ebebek Decreased Its TTFB By Over 60% Using Medianova’s Solution Aksela

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Customer Success Story

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