Today, websites are built mostly on images.

Since users and search engines need faster and faster sites, you can not have a site acceleration plan without optimizing images.

On top of that, each browser and device have different requirements making the manual optimization a nightmare.

Medianova Image Optimization Platform is fully integrated to the Medianova CDN Panel from where you can activate and deactivate easily.

All of your images will be then optimized on the fly once and will be served from the edge caches for fastest delivery.

Image Optimizer allows you to offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud platform. When an image is requested, we resize it, adjust quality, crop / trim, change orientations, convert formats, and more on demand. Serves images faster, decreasing page load times for image-heavy sites.

How to Reduce the Image Size?

While it is possible to reduce an image by 80-90% of the original size, if not done right, the process causes a severe amount of visual degradation. In order to avoid this, we ensure keeping the image quality as high as possible, analyze the images you use on your site, and apply high compression techniques.



Your Website will be Faster with Image Optimization

Image optimization is a technology which automatically reduces the sizes of the images used in web sites. It has become almost a must for websites such as e-commerce sites, which mostly contain image content, to use such optimization technologies. A good website is evaluated based on such important criteria as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.   … Continue reading

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Image Resize and Optimization Module

Overview Image Resize Module provides you with different tools to perform various actions on your Origin image by adding module’s supported parameters to the content path. Using this service you can resize your images,crop, watermark or rotate your images. You can use these services as an integrated part of your CDN service resulting in reducing … Continue reading

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