Security at the Edge

Cost-Effective Aksela Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Monthly PlanQuotaDomainMonthly PricingOverage RateExtra Domain
Starter1 TB1$300$0,2 / GB$100 / Domain
Medium10 TB5$2000$0,15 / GB$100 / Domain
Large20 TB10$3000$0,1 / GB$100 / Domain

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Security at the Edge

Aksela shields your origin from being the direct target of DDoS attacks or malicious bots by hiding your origin IP and mitigating attacks on our Anycast DNS based global edge network. With a rich set of features including Rate Limiting, TLS 1.3, Geo-blocking; Aksela maximizes your security.

100% Uptime

Aksela protects your origin against unusual/unpredictable traffic spikes. Our infrastructure is designed with redundancy on DNS, Load Balancers, Edges & Layered Caches and it is connected to multiple IP transit providers to increase your platform’s availability.

Speed and Performance

Aksela reduces round trip time and latency by using cutting edge technologies such as Micro-Caching, TCP Acceleration, Content Compression and Optimization.

Cost Reduction

Your origin server will handle less traffic and get rid of the processing burden of SSL encryption/decryption as a result of offloading requests to Aksela. That reduces resource usage at your origin infrastructure and the associated expenses.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

SEO Booster

Aksela will speed up your website and boost its performance leading to better SEO. The faster your site is the higher it ranks on Search Engines.

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