Anycast DNS

Anycast (one-to-many) is an internet routing protocol which is used to assign the same IP addresses to more than one server on different geographical locations. Anycast DNS service is a new generation DNS service which is distributed throughout more than one geographically dispersed servers.

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing algorithm used for the speedy delivery of website content that advertises individual IP addresses on multiple nodes. User requests are directed to specific nodes based on such factors as the capacity and health of your server, as well as the distance between it and the website visitor.

Anycast DNS forwards DNS requests to the server which is in the best route in terms of its own operation principles (generally the closest server). Thanks to this, DNS response times become much shorter and access to web pages gets faster. Thanks to Medianova infrastructure, you can add to your speed by taking advantage of these features.

As the leading CDN provider of EMEA Region, Medianova provides 80% faster service compared to other CDNs.

The delivery speed of Medianova CDN is monitored by a 3rd party RUM (Real User Monitoring) provider Cedexis.