Elevate Your Cloud Storage Experience with Stook

Medianova’s cloud-based object storage solution, Stook, is robust, reliable, fast, affordable, and AWS S3-compatible. With our latest updates, Stook offers a further enhanced experience for managing your data.

Why Stook?

S3 API-compatibility

Stook offers a simple, user-friendly, standard-based REST API fully compatible with Amazon S3. It integrates conveniently and seamlessly with all your AWS S3-compatible applications.

Robust security shield

Stook fortifies your data – our utmost priority – with a suite of features, including encryption, authentication, IP restriction, and rate limiting to ensure your data’s security is unyielding.

Multi-petabyte scale capacity

Stook’s colossal storage capacity at a multi-petabyte scale empowers you to meet the demands of even the largest data-intensive applications.

High-speed data transfer

With an average transfer speed of 5 Gbps, Stook allows lightning-fast data retrieval and storage, accelerating your data workflows.

Bucket replication

Stook enables you to keep your data highly available and protected through bucket replication to cloud storage providers such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

No egress charges

Stook ensures predictable pricing, allowing you to bid farewell to unexpected egress charges.

No vendor lock-in

With Stook, you have the freedom to choose the provider of your choice without worrying about vendor lock-in.

Effortless migration

A seamless transition from your current solution to Stook is simple and hassle-free.

More Features

Active/active HTTPS load balanced architecture

Stook’s active/active HTTPS load balanced architecture is built to offer high availability – no matter the load.

Real-time monitoring

You are in control at all times with Stook’s real-time monitoring, managed by our dedicated team using tools like PRTG and Prometheus.

Premium support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 via private Slack channels and ready to assist you in transitioning to using Stook.

Medianova Cloud Panel

You have full control and effortless management of your storage requirements with Medianova Cloud Panel.

Use Cases

Cloud backup

Web content storage

Off-site disaster recovery

Storage for cloud-native apps

Data storage for AI & ML apps

and many more.

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