Why Security is Always a Priority Over Convenience

When purchasing a product or service, there are certain caveats that are manageable and some that are deal-breakers. In terms of a cell phone, it might be forgivable if the phone doesn’t support Emojis, but it’s definitely out of the question if the phone doesn’t get service in your house.

The example of a cell phone is a personal decision. The stakes are much higher when a business faces ambiguous decisions such as these. This is because there’s more money, people, and risks involved.

A good example of a deal-breaker for businesses would be security concerns. There is no excuse for products or services that compromise security in order to cut costs or simplify the process. Security is a priority and it should be treated as such.

And that’s exactly why we take security so seriously. A content delivery network is only as reliable as the walls of security that protect the service. At Medianova, we take the proper steps to ensure security both on our side and the clients’.

Take, for example, our content encryption policy. We start encrypting content during the encoding and streaming process. In fact, the content is only ready to be streamed after the encryption process has been completed. We also go a step further to use a special key to provide an additional layer of security.

With our enterprise video solution, we have all the tools and resources to provide a high level of security for clients. Clients are allowed to share their content with approved users, but they’re the only other people who will ever get a hold of it.

We understand that security is the biggest deal breaker of them all. And that’s why we’ll never compromise the security of our services for convenience.

If you would like more information about content delivery networks, contact us.

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