Medianova:Your Reliable Digital Cloud Solution Partner

Sustaining Our Cutting-Edge Technology Amidst Service Disruptions

Recent service disruptions in the online sphere have posed significant challenges, with some customers experiencing difficulties. Cloudflare, experienced two disruptive incidents lasting over 24 hours each just last week. In a parallel development, StackPath has made an announcement of discontinuing its CDN services by November 22, 2023. Last but not least, Azure and Lumen announced that they will shut down their CDN. This decision has triggered a significant impact on businesses relying on these services, pushing them to swiftly seek alternative solutions.

The combined issues with Cloudflare and the imminent cessation of StackPath’s and Lumen’s services have created a critical juncture for businesses operating in the digital space.But fret not, this change marks a new opportunity, especially for businesses seeking a reliable, uninterrupted digital journey.

Lessons from Cloudflare: Diversifying for Reliability in a Volatile Online World

Cloudflare’s recent outages have highlighted the potential risks of relying solely on a single CDN service. The downtime experienced could have caused significant disruptions, potentially resulting in financial losses for businesses heavily dependent on it. While using just one provider for all online needs might pose risks, it’s increasingly important to explore diversified approaches. Many major companies are now adopting multi-CDN strategies for high-availability of their services. These strategies offer various advantages, providing a more resilient and flexible approach to managing online services. At Medianova, we help companies to execute their multi-cdn strategy that will provide a robust failover mechanism in case of outages and increase their platform’s performance by delivering content from the best source available.

While larger companies adopt multi-CDN strategies, smaller businesses might face constraints in doing so due to budget or operational simplicity. Knowing this, at Medianova, we have several contingency plans and a dedicated support team in place to assist small businesses in navigating through such challenges. With a focus on resourceful solutions, we tailor strategies to align with their financial and operational capacities, ensuring their online services remain robust and reliable even in the face of potential CDN disruptions.

Choosing Dependable Medianova Solutions

As StackPath bids adieu to its CDN services, let’s turn our focus to Medianova, a global player offering robust CDN solutions and cloud platforms. As recognized by Gartner, Medianova excels not only in performance-driven solutions but also in the seamless fusion of security measures within our offerings. Our extensive expertise spans API caching, streaming, cloud security, cloud-based object storage, and hybrid CDN technologies. Beyond this, our footprint spans 50+ PoPs across 21 countries, establishing Medianova as a frontrunner in providing one of the fastest and most secure CDNs in Europe and the Middle East. This is supported by our robust CyberSecurity facet, including Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Protection, Rate Limiting and further cloud security products, ensuring that security is at the core of our services. We are dedicated to expanding our service portfolio beyond solely CDN services, underscoring our strong commitment to providing comprehensive security measures and versatile cloud security solutions. All of these features are fortified by our 100% SSD Anycast network, reflecting our dedication to both performance and security.

Medianova’s Transition Team Awaits to Assist Users!

At Medianova, we’re here to support those navigating this change. We know how crucial reliability and a strong network are. For those moving from another CDN company, we’re ready to provide a safe place for your digital needs.

Discover a Smooth Transition

This period of transition and change is not a hindrance but an opportunity to reevaluate and reposition your digital strategies. As you go through this period, let Medianova help you move towards a future with steady services and strong support. Our approach, along with constant support available 24/7 on Slack, ensures a safety net for your services, no matter the situation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond mere promises. We stand as a beacon of reliability, a haven for those seeking uninterrupted services amidst industry fluctuations. We invite you to embark on a journey of reliability, support, and uninterrupted service provision.

Furthermore, in alignment with our dedication to providing superior service, we encourage you to explore the genuine and informative reviews available on Gartner Peer Insights. The feedback shared by our clients emphasizes our unwavering commitment to reliability, support, and a customer-centric approach. 

Amid recent disruptions and changes in the CDN sector, Medianova stands out for its commitment to reliable service over mere brand appeal. Our approach is results-focused, linking every promise to measurable metrics and actual performance. Reliability isn’t just claimed; it’s proven through transparent data and unwavering service quality. To showcase our dedication, we extend an invitation for you to explore our services with a free trial.

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