What Can Enterprise Video Do For Me? An Up-Close Look

You may have heard that enterprise video is growing rapidly but still are not sure what it can truly provide. After all, aren’t there plenty of low-cost, low-bandwidth ways for an enterprise to communication? Could it all just be buzz? If this applies to you, picture the following scenarios:

  • A team for a lean and innovative tech company meets to cover an exciting new offering that will drive its growth in the near future. The product development team has worked hard for months on the new capability. The members are excited to present it to the software and UX teams. They teams rarely ever have a chance to see each other face-to-face. The product development manager is an expert speaker and presenter. While for many others a powerpoint document sent by email would be enough, the manager understands that nothing replaces whiteboards, the sound of a human voice, and visual communication. The meeting goes amazingly well and everyone is energized. This is despite the fact that the software team is in Mumbai and the product development team is in Istanbul.
  • IT security researchers discover a new vulnerability – another bug on the same scale as the recently patched Heartbleed and Shellshock crises. A company uses a popular open source content management system that is vulnerable to the new bug and due to the company’s quick growth never had a mature update process. The company’s engineers have to race against the clock to protect hundreds of servers, and each must be taken care of individually. It takes way too long to document the fix, which is a process of dozens of steps and hundreds of clicks and command prompts. The solution: an easy to follow video that will effectively demonstrate the process and make it easy for a distributed team to patch all of the critical resources.
  • A CEO gives a quarterly address. This CEO understands the value of sharing the company’s vision with team members and giving everyone a chance to feel like they can make important contributions to its future no matter what their status or experience level happens to be. To enable this approach, the CEO has started incorporating user commenting and real-time feedback into the video presentations. Since going to this approach, it turns out that productivity and profit margins have steadily risen.

These are just a few examples of how enterprise video is transforming the workplace. The office of the future is collaborative, distributed, and lean. While innovations like VoIP, IM, and collaborative software have helped support this type of environment, a truly effective workforce must have rich visual tools and must preserve the human factor. Technology has helped us scale our businesses in amazing ways, but often at the cost of the hands-on, face-to-face quality of last century’s office. Enterprise video is helping us to close this gap while also providing value-added capabilities we would have never imagined. If you are excited by these opportunities, Medianova is on the forefront of enterprise video and can help you realize all the challenges of making it work for your organization.

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