Using CDN Technology to Support Websites with Global Traffic

The use of a content delivery network is advantageous for global businesses with a lot of web site traffic. A content delivery network is an economic way to host a business’ website, no matter how many hits it gets per day.

In addition, content delivery networks are often looked at from a global point of view. This is likely because of two reasons. The first is that the content delivery market is growing worldwide. In one of our recent blogs, we talked about the exploding growth in the Asia Pacific segment.

The other reason is that content delivery networks can help support websites that draw traffic from all over the world. Businesses can use the service to support website traffic from North America, Europe, Asia or Africa.

A recent Tech Target article discusses content delivery networks and explains how they are advantageous for businesses. According to the article, CDN technology can be used to send content without delay or time-out:

“The use of CDN technology has obvious economic advantages to enterprises who expect, or experience, large numbers of hits on their Web sites from locations all over the world. If dozens or hundreds of other users happen to select the same Web page or content simultaneously, the CDN sends the content to each of them without delay or time-out.”

CDN technology is important for businesses that invest heavily in digital marketing. It supports their website and ensures that their content is sent without delay.

When choosing a content delivery network, businesses should consider their geographical reach. Medianova is the leading CDN in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. In addition, we can support websites globally, whether a businesses is located in New York, Berlin, or Istanbul. Our superior CDN technology is already being used by businesses around the world to host and accelerate their websites and stream content.

If you would like more information about content delivery networks, contact us.

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