The Importance of Scalability for Content Delivery Networks

One of the biggest barriers for content delivery networks is exactly what fuels their business: growth. Although many content delivery networks are marketed to hold vast amounts of data, all are not quite equal and some handle traffic better than others. While businesses who provide content delivery networks seek growth and want their business to expand, not all can handle the large amounts of traffic, leading to poor service provided to their customers.

Yet while the obstacle of high traffic plagues some content delivery networks, it ultimately separates high quality services from low quality services; while professional content delivery networks are scalable so clients do not have to worry about internet traffic, low quality content delivery networks cannot keep up, and their increased business ultimately hurts their company.

A recent article by discusses the content delivery network industry today, and how internet traffic poses a problem for some providers:

“Your strategy is to build and hold your audience, host your shows and roll out your programming to a scalable mobile media venue. As the internet traffic load increases, it becomes difficult to manage this growth in traffic and provide quality service to the end-user.”

Although high internet traffic poses a problem for some content delivery networks, there is still good news; professional content delivery networks are not only reliable and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but are also scalable and ready to meet the demands of clients. Professional content delivery networks understand that while services typically start out fine, it takes an expert to solve serious problems when the service experiences growth. Just as some towns designed their infrastructure and roads well to expand when necessary, elite content delivery networks are prepared for the influx of new clients and ready to handle high amounts of internet traffic.

If you are interested in the services that a content delivery network provides, or would like a content delivery network that is scalable, contact us.

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