Mobile Business Operations with Cloud Storage and a Content Delivery Network

As smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity, mobility is becoming increasingly important to businesses. From beepers to cell phones to laptops, in the past twenty years there have been many inventions and innovations designed to allow businesses to work while they are not in the office. When companies can only work while in their office, they’re essentially putting a limit on their productivity and potential, rather than accessing new technology that would let their business become more mobile.

There are a lot of advantages of a business being able to do work while not being in the office. Sales teams are more accessible to clients because they can be contacted more often and whenever the client wants to speak with them. Marketing teams can be more productive because they can access company documents at their homes or while at a marketing seminar.

In order to have more mobile capabilities, many businesses are using cloud storage services and content delivery networks. Mobility is a feature of both services, which increase business productivity in different ways.

With cloud storage, businesses can have access to their data from any device that has Internet capabilities, as long as the user has permission. Employees can have access to their company files and review work-related documents. In addition, the data and documents backed up on cloud storage are secure, and in case of a disaster, businesses can recover their data quickly to minimize unproductive business downtime.

Content delivery networks allow businesses to access their media from supported devices that have Internet access. Video messages from management and important employee training videos can be streamed to laptops, smartphones and tablets, so employees can stay up-to-date with company policies and be reminded of their training.

Businesses that use cloud storage and content delivery networks allow their employees to work more, ultimately increasing productivity. Any business that chooses to limit production to the office will soon be at a disadvantage as other businesses become more mobile, flexible, and productive.

If you’re interested in cloud storage or a content delivery network, contact us.

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