Maximizing Image Quality with Super-Resolution

CDNs and Image Manipulations

The human brain is structured to understand images better than text. Many data-based sources say that content with images

CDNs and Image Manipulations

is much more effective on people. Hence, content with images has become the online strategy for businesses today. As a result of this situation, today the internet is overflowing with images. Due to the competitive environment around this strategy, it is no longer enough to just use images. The images used should be of high quality and optimized to the maximum. This means Image Super-Resolution.

The modern internet is overloaded with images because the human brain likes images. The key to success in the SEO strategy you need for the modern internet to love you is to use contextual and high-quality images. However, these too can take up a large portion of the server’s resources, causing slow website performance.

Unoptimized images can double or triple the download time for a web page. The result can be bad user experience, poor SEO, low conversion rate and ultimately disastrous for business profitability. This means optimization of images has a direct impact on page download times and the overall user experience.

However, at this point, the solution would not be to abandon images but to utilize a technology that optimizes images. So, this problem leads you to the solution by using Image Super-Resolution with image optimization capabilities.

CDN may speed up your site by caching and storing content on several servers across the world isn’t the only way, when it comes to images. There is a form of CDN known as an image CDN that can automatically optimize your images. Some CDNs can do the following image optimization tasks:

Choose the most efficient image format automatically. Some smart image CDNs may also convert images to next-generation formats like WebP when possible, allowing you to achieve up to 40% more compression than JPEG without sacrificing quality.

Automatically modify compression quality for each image based on its contents.

Deliver responsive pictures to every screen by modifying format, quality, and dimensions dynamically based on device size, pixel density, and page structure.

MN Image Services

Medianova CDN provides Image Services that allow its customers to perform certain manipulations on their images.

Image Resize Service provides you with different tools to perform various actions on your origin image by adding the module’s supported parameters to the content path.

MN Image Services allows you to resize, crop, transform and optimize images on the fly for any device and screen size. Different versions of the images can be requested with a simple URL call and cached on the CDN for faster delivery.

You keep one master version of each image and we do the rest.

Using this service you can do the below process on your images

·  Resize

This feature is used to resize your images keeping the original ratio.

·  Adding padding

You can add padding to edit the distance of the images to its borders.

·  Cropping

This feature crops the image by centering the original image.

·  Resizing and cropping

This feature helps you to Crop and Resize your images at the same time.

·  Optimization

Using this service, you can reduce the file size of the image that is being served from CDN. There are various optimization features used with this service. In order to get maximum optimization performance, your original images must be as raw as possible. The aim of this service is to optimize your images without any quality degradation (like pixelation, color loss, etc). In the best-case scenario, you can optimize your images up to 80%.

·  Rotation

You can rotate your images to a given angle using this service.

·  Adding watermark

This module is used to add a watermark to your images.

These services can be used as an integrated part of your CDN service, resulting in reducing your overall cost and saving storage by shifting these operations to the CDN side.

MN Image Services provide to the below,

  • Boosting your sales with pixel-perfect & optimized images.
  • Cutting down your bandwidth and storage costs.
  • Reducing your origin load and saving on infrastructure costs.

Resized images, would be cached on CDN as a unique image after the resize operation is done. So, in order to invalidate or purge your processed images, it is important to consider these files as separate files and perform the same actions for each file.

Deep Learning Powered Image Super-Resolution Service

The technique of recovering high-resolution (HR) images from low-resolution (LR) images is known as image Super-Resolution (SR). It is a significant class of image processing algorithms in computer vision and image processing, with several real-world applications including medical imaging, satellite imaging, surveillance and security, and astronomical imaging, among others.

Deep learning-powered Super-Resolution models have been intensively researched in recent years as deep learning techniques have advanced, and they frequently reach state-of-the-art performance on several Super-Resolution benchmarks.

Before Super-Resolution vs. After Super-Resolution
Before and After of our deep learning-powered Image Super-Resolution Service

The above image is 2x SR’ed (right) as you can see the name of the brand is can be read easily. 2x SR means that we doubled the size of the original image. You may utilize the 2x image as is, however when reduced in size, the image improves significantly as the quality and DPI improve.

As Medianova CDN, we aim to increase the profitability of our customers with our deep learning-powered Image Super-Resolution Service.

Medianova provides global Content Delivery Network solutions and cloud platforms, experienced in streaming, encoding, caching, micro caching, hybrid Content Delivery Network and website acceleration. With its footprint in 21 countries and 100% SSD-powered anycast network, Medianova is one of the fastest HTTPS secure CDNs in Europe and in the Middle East based on Cedexis. At Medianova, we are experts in providing enterprises of all sizes with world-class and cost-efficient Content Delivery Network solutions that can optimize and improve site performance and content delivery experience.

If you want to improve your website marketing, consider adding Image Super-Resolution to your site. If you’re worried about image technology, get in touch with us to find out more about how our solutions can be the right fit for your business.

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