How Content Delivery Networks Can Expand Your Company’s Reach

Approximately 40% of the world’s population are Internet users, this provides business with a unique opportunity to reach millions of customers around the globe at the same time. The challenge is how to provide the rest of the population with fast, reliable Internet connectivity to ensure customers receive optimal web performance. This the where content delivery network (CDN) becomes essential, with the following three benefits of incorporating CDN to enhance web performance.

1. Enable A Global Customer Reach

Global Internet use has increased exponentially over the past decade with content delivery and web optimization being brought to the forefront as a means of generating information from customers. Of course, this information creates an opportunity for businesses to invest in creating an global content delivery system. Content Delivery Networks provide rely on Internet transactions for business, with a solution to latency issues through cloud acceleration located at points of presence locations across the globe.

2. Supply the Globe with Local Expertise

Content delivery networks allow companies to roll their local points of presence and expertise along with global presence into one provider. This allows an increasing number of businesses to reach out across the globe without having personnel located each strategic partner on their own before executing a market penetration strategy.

A content delivery network can even allow companies to establish their presence in countries with firewall protected Internet service.

3. Increase Your Reliability and Speed

Speed and latency issues are a top concern when attempting to reach customers through Internet connectivity. When you combine low speed and high latency, sales can be lost to existing customers and new ones will never show up.

On the other hand, a reliable content delivery network, which are local to global customers, the download times and page loads are faster, ensuring on-line transactions are made seamlessly, resulting in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

To get more information on content delivery networks, contact us.

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