Content Delivery Networks and Progressive Download

Being able to quickly upload content and data is the first requirement for using the Cloud for storage needs, but it’s only half the battle; users must also be able to download content in a timely manner so that productivity is not hindered. The two features together make the process of storing content online simple and painless, and the absence of one feature can compromise the process in its entirety.

In order to provide fast access to acquiring content, content delivery networks offer the feature of progressive download. Progressive download is the transfer of digital media files from a server to a client at high download speeds.

A more popular solution than progressive download is media streaming, although the two processes are considerably difference. While both solutions result in the client having access to media, only with progressive download will the client have the media files stored on his computer. Media streaming is a more temporary solution, as the files will not be stored on the client’s computer, but can of course still be accessed by streaming again.

Medianova, the content delivery network of Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, offers both media streaming and a sophisticated progressive download solution. The following are features of Medianova’s progressive download solution, which is included as an element of media delivery:

  • Medianova’s proprietary platform
  • Carrier grade availability
  • Relatively large network for instant spikes
  • Extensive outside monitoring

With Medianova’s progressive download solution, clients can enjoy fast access to media files and content without always having to stream them. This benefit can be particularly useful in situations where you know you won’t have Internet access for a particular time. In addition to downloading content so that it’s ready to go, here are other benefits of using Medianova’s progressive download solution:

  • Very high bandwith network for instant spikes
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Content is on-demand and can be acquired at any time

If you’re interested in a progressive download solution, contact us.

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