Cloud SaaS Encoding Platforms The Medianova Way

Since software as a service (SaaS) provides economies of scale for small, medium and large businesses, it’s no surprise that many are relying on cloud SaaS encoding platforms for their storage needs.

Many businesses have learned that investing in the hardware, when other cloud-based companies are already better at it, is no longer a wise investment. The benefits of virtual infrastructure meant and still mean spending a fraction of the time and cost when needing to upgrade hardware.

The same is now the case for software and in many cases SaaS options are safer from fraud and theft than more traditional software options ever were.

With Medianova’s Encodio, a cloud platform that provides optimum compression of your archived files  including video, music, PDF, and live streams  we make it possible to meet your encoding needs and deliver your content to you and your users quickly, no matter what device, format or size.

Media processing is an intensive activity that can bog down servers and processors. Having a cloud-based system frees up your own network servers, allowing them to continue working at higher speeds than when performing other computing needs while also encoding.

Medianova’s system is guaranteed to streamline your operations by encoding your files up to six times faster. It’s completely compatible with all CDNs and ensures minimum consumption of your resources, including bandwidth.

With high security and fanatical support (think “never have to wait again for service”), it’s no wonder that Medianova is the leading CDN of Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.

For more information on how we can help you find the solution to your SaaS encoding platform needs, contact us.

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