Why Companies Can’t Support Enterprise Video On Their Own

If your business has been reading up on enterprise video as of late, chances are that you’re considering the investment worthwhile. With enterprise video, managers can communicate with the entire company simply by making a short video. This saves time as well as money as businesses can concentrate more on their tasks and less on how they can communicate in large scales.

There is one small problem of enterprise video, however. It’s not exactly a service that your business can run on its own, providing that you don’t have the technological resources of a large corporation.

The main reason for this is the amount of bandwidth which is required for a smooth enterprise video process. It’s highly unlikely that your company currently has the infrastructure to support the consistent hosting of videos.

The good news is that this doesn’t really matter. It’s unrealistic to assume that companies have the resources to support enterprise video on their own. And that’s why we at Medianova offer the service; to help small businesses like yours.

With the enterprise video solution at Medianova, servers are provided inside your network to help handle the bandwidth. This way, the traffic isn’t being directed through your servers, but through ours, and you don’t use your own bandwidth for the videos.

In addition, we also support HD videos. So even at a low prices we’re able to support videos of the best quality for your business. The goal of our service is to handle the technical aspects on our own and let you deal with the actual content of the videos. In our experience, this is the exact solution that clients are looking for.

If you would like more information about enterprise video, contact us.

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