Medianova’s Enhanced WAF strengthens cyber resilience

Rapid digitalization has reshaped workflow in businesses and exposed glaring vulnerabilities in their web infrastructure. Enterprises face mounting challenges in securing digital assets from threat actors. Global statistics suggest that hackers compromise around 30,000 websites daily, with SQL injection contributing to 33% of all attacks. 

In 2022, an insurance provider fell victim to a malicious attack, resulting in the breach of 9.7 million patients’ data, while a fashion brand was fined US$1.9 million for mishandling a breach affecting 39 million customers. Such incidents showed that cyberattacks are prevalent across industries, and the cost is often devastating

In this article, we share how businesses can protect against evolving cyber threats with Medianova’s Enhanced Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Understanding the security challenges of modern web applications

Businesses turn to websites and web/mobile apps to strengthen their online presence. Unlike traditional software applications, the majority of these assets are built with smaller components called microservices. These microservices communicate with each other and also external platforms with an application programming interface (API), which makes safeguarding web properties a substantial challenge.

A cloud-based web application firewall (WAF) protects your web application and APIs from sophisticated cyber threats. It blocks suspicious traffic to your application server and prevents attacks before they can happen. Organizations use WAFs to increase their security posture with advanced features that scale with their cloud deployment and implementation needs.

Medianova’s Response to Evolving Threat Landscape

Medianova provides content delivery and cloud solutions that help companies deliver purposeful content to a global audience. Our content delivery network (CDN) offers vast and distributed Points of Presence (PoPs) that span across 21+ countries. Throughout the years, we supported businesses in scaling websites, online games, mobile apps, and other digital workloads with low-latency, secure, and high-availability global data networks. 

As a leading CDN provider, we understand that security is paramount in securing customer trust and ensuring continuous growth. We’re aware that threat actors are increasingly brazen and creative in exploiting vulnerabilities, Hence, we upgraded our WAF solution to provide organizations the upper hand in securing their cloud-hosted content. 

What does Medianova’s Enhanced WAF Offer? 

We took an already robust WAF that we offer and equipped it with helpful features to provide more flexibility in managing and enforcing security rules. This allows businesses to be more dynamic and agile in safeguarding web properties against known and unknown threats. Here is how.

Self-Managed Security Policies

Instead of being confined to rigid security rules, the Enhanced WAF lets you customize your own with a user-friendly admin panel. With the Medianova Cloud Panel, you will have oversight of the asset’s security status from any location. This allows organizations to be more responsive to immediate threats. Our enhanced WAF allows you to define custom security rules to identify and filter suspicious traffic. For example, you can customize the rules by the user agent, request protocol, request URI, client IP, referrer, and request method.  

Advanced protection capabilities

SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and local file inclusion are some of the most worrying vulnerabilities that affect web applications. Medianova WAF blocks such threats, along with others listed by OWASP Top 10 and blacklisted IPs with advanced protection features. 

Flexible Security Modes

SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and local file inclusion are some of the most worrying vulnerabilities that affect web applications. Medianova WAF blocks such threats, along with others listed by OWASP Top 10 and blacklisted IPs with advanced protection features. 

Medianova Enhanced WAF offers several security modes that help organizations analyze security posture and implement appropriate policies. Besides On and Off, you can choose Monitoring Only to observe underlying traffic and derive valuable insights without impeding traffic flow. Such intelligence is helpful in analyzing and boosting the security posture of mission-critical applications. 

Insightful security analytics 

Organizations must be more data-driven in bolstering their security posture. Our Enhanced WAF provides detailed analytics that helps security teams identify vulnerabilities or investigate malicious attempts with high precision. This includes activity logs, client IPs, request URIs, and user agents of attack sources. 

Automatic updates

WAFs rely on updated security rulesets and attack methods recognition to prevent breaches. Medianova WAF updates them regularly to eliminate time gaps that cybercriminals can exploit. 

How Businesses Benefit from the Enhanced WAF ?  

Businesses will be protected from financial, operational, and reputational losses from cyberattacks with a robust web application firewall. Medianova’s cloud-based WAF, specifically, provides organizations with several advantages. 

Scalable protection

Medianova WAF runs on the cloud and as your content delivery footprint expands, you can scale our WAF accordingly to protect your web assets effortlessly. Moreover, Medianova is capable of handling sudden or anticipated traffic spikes with its CPU-optimized infrastructure. Unlike other WAFs, our solution integrates natively with our CDN, which means you don’t need additional setups for protection.

Flexible security implementations 

Medianova WAF provides comprehensive protection to safeguard web applications from malicious actors. With customizable rules, an intuitive dashboard, flexible data filters, and historical analytics, organizations can personalize security strategies according to their needs. 

Affordable pricing model 

Besides offering robust protection against top OWASP threats, Medianova WAF is highly affordable. There are no costly hardware investments or tedious setups involved. Instead, you pay according to a flexible, cost-effective pricing plan.. 

Get started with Medianova Enhanced WAF

Don’t risk your web applications with outdated or ineffective security solutions. Many companies have paid the price for breaches, some heftier than others. Medianova Enhanced WAF provides scalable protection against cyber threats at an affordable cost. More importantly, it places security oversight and control in your hands to continuously monitor and safeguard your business. 

Talk to us about securing your cloud workload with WAF now. 

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