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Don't Let Your Viewers Down. 

With Medianova video streaming delivery, you always have broadcast-quality videos and live streams - no matter the location, device type or network condition.


Smart Cache Management

We improve the streaming performance and end user experience with our tiered cache management technology.

The content is cached at different layers of the CDN, thus reduces the load on your origin. As fewer requests reach your origin, your platform’s performance improves drastically.


Quality Playback, Low Rebuffer Rates

At Medianova CDN, all access logs are streamed to Medianova’s data platform for instant analysis and action.

This results in high quality playback with the lowest rebuffer rates. Moreover, data-driven management ensures the best user performance in the markets Medianova operates.



nDVR Compatible

Our streaming platform supports nDVR technology which allows you to record a live stream while simultaneously enabling users to play, pause, resume and rewind the recorded stream as well.


Rapid Ingestion

We can ingest live events and linear channels via satellite feed or public networks in RTMP, RTSP, HLS, Smoothstream or MPEG-TS over UDP around the world.

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High Performance & Secure Delivery

Our Adaptive Media Delivery ensures high quality to your viewers no matter their location, device type or network type. You will have superior video quality and reliability at scale thanks to Anycast DNS for security and load balancing and Edge Cache™ technology

We also help you protect your content against online piracy and cyber threats with features such as TLS 1.3, Geo-Blocking, Token Authentication and Watermarking.

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Be Your Best Based on RUM metrics

It’s critical to monitor the viewer experience to engage, retain and thus monetize your audience. We carefully monitor your QoE with Real User Monitoring and real-time Medianova data platform. Metrics such as Time To First Byte (TTFB), Response Times, Throughput, 5xx Error Ratio are key to our success.

We love to finetune and optimize our platform continuously based on data.


Origin as a Service

Upload your videos to our Cloud Storage and it will become your origin. We store and automatically transmux your files on the fly to popular streaming formats such as HLS, DASH, HDS, and MSS.

You have a powerful origin, simplify video publishing and save storage costs by avoiding the creation of multiple formats.


Dedicated, Premium Support

Our team of engineers and experts are here to help you plan, monitor and support your service. We work closely with your team at each step from initial deployment to ongoing support, maintenance, monitoring, and management.

This is how we use shared Slack channels and empower your business on these channels with real-time data integration.

EdgeCache™ Technology

EdgeCache™ Technology

Medianova's EdgeCache™ technology combines all the cache on the edge servers into one single cache pool which results in more than 99% hit rate and much higher streaming quality. These edge servers exist at the logical edge of a network. They take the load off of origin servers by moving static assets as close as possible to the users and thus reducing latency and improving page load times.

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End-to-End Video Streaming Workflow

End-to-End Video Streaming Workflow

Upload your videos to our storage or send us your live stream publishing point.

Let us transcode your content to multi-bitrate, different sizes and deliver them with Medianova video streaming delivery.

Create High-quality Viewing Experiences for Your Audience


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How MEDIANOVA helped STARZPLAY improve its CDN performance by 52% and lower its operating costs.

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