Young Talent

Would you like to lay the foundations of your career at Medianova CDN?
As Medianova CDN, we are looking for teammates to work in the Young Talent position!

General Application

Istanbul Office

Part time/Full time

Working as a Young Talent in the technical departments of our company

Contributing to technical processes

Supporting project management and teamwork processes

Participating in daily operational activities in relevant departments

Being open to learning, highly motivated and willing to improve oneself,

Being a 3rd or 4th year student or recent graduate from any department at the university,

Having knowledge and experience in information technologies,

Being prone to team work, having strong communication skills and being responsible,

Having analytical thinking and problem solving abilities,

Having a good command of English is preferred.

Medianova is a leading technology company in its field. If you want to be a part of the rapidly growing team, improve your professional experience, take part in real projects and gain experience in a professional environment, we are waiting for your application!

Your journey begins here,

where your talents meet endless opportunities!