Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Video

Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Video
You may think of video mainly as a fixture of the consumer market. YouTube instructional pieces. Video bloggers. Hilarious office break content. Streaming services like NetFlix and Hulu.

If this is how you think of digital video, you may be surprised that demand for video in the enterprise has exploded and will continue to do so throughout the decade. A similar shift occurred in the mobile app market. It evolved from being primarily a consumer-facing boom to an integral part of enterprise life. Video content is rapidly making this change as well and your organization may be left behind if it does not plan for the growth of enterprise video.

The Numbers

A report published by MarketsandMarkets in August 2014 has forecasted the rise of the global market for enterprise video. From 2014 to 2019, according to the report, we should expect to see the following dramatic shift:

  • Total market growth from $13.01 billion to $32.87 billion
  • A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4%

What is behind this impressive forecast, besides the increasing affordability of IP traffic and the normal progress of the capabilities of network infrastructure? It is that video can break down barriers to communication across distances and is now cost effective enough to displace text-based alternatives.

Better Communication

Businesses are becoming increasingly globalized. As such, remote communication has become an essential part of keeping enterprises running. Affordable, on-demand digital video delivery can aid in training, conveying complex ideas, conferencing, reporting, and a host of other business communication needs. It can do so with an immediacy and a richness that is not possible with IRC, Facebook, collaborative software such as Yammer, instant messaging, or email.

Enterprise Video Done Right

You will certainly benefit from making enterprise video part of your organization. However, to do this successfully you must face the following challenges:

  • Impact on your organization’s bandwidth
  • HD delivery
  • Security
  • Training

To learn how to tackle these issues and stay at the forefront of this revolution, contact Medianova. Medianova is a trusted leader in enterprise video and other high-tech content delivery solutions.

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