Understanding the Level of Support Offered by a Content Delivery Network

An important aspect of choosing a content delivery network is understanding the level of support they’ll provide. The transition to a content delivery network can either be smooth or bumpy. It ultimately depends on your business’ technology and the assistance you receive.

At Medianova, we’ve been offering the same proven services since 2005. We have experience with all different types of clients and technology. Adjusting our services to fit your business wouldn’t be a new task in any sense.

Fanatic Support
Fanatic Support

In addition, we’ve experienced some major trends in technology since we started offering our services. At the time, there were no iPhones, Androids, or tablets in the sense we know them today. Our services now incorporate these devices and have even made them a focal point.

And we didn’t just update our services to be compatible with the new devices, either. We also helped our clients make the transition to smartphones and tablets. Because everything was so new at the time, we played a major role in many of our clients’ transition strategy.

Now, we’re willing to work with your business to make the next big transition, whatever it may be. Some would argue that the biggest trend is and will continue to be cloud storage. This service is changing the way businesses store and access their information.

At Medianova, we already offer cloud storage as a service. Now, we can help your business make a smooth transition to the service, just as you did with computers, smartphones, and tablets. We understand the process and know what it takes to make the transition go smoothly.

Then, once you have access to cloud storage, you’ll be backed up by Medianova support. You could contact our Fanatic Support Team at anytime if you had and difficulties, questions, or ideas.

If you would like more information about content delivery networks, contact us.

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