What Makes Content Delivery Networks so Efficient?

What makes a content delivery network so special that businesses and consumers pay for its services? Why is the content delivery network market growing and expected to be as large as $12.16 billion in 2019?

The answer is efficiency. Content delivery networks are the best at providing subscribers with a ton of content in an efficient manner. They have the tools and equipment to stream content of all sizes despite geographical barriers.

Content delivery networks are so efficient because they manage to keep content as close to their end subscribers as possible. According to a recent RCR Wireless News article, this allows people to access their content quickly and easily:

“The goal of a CDN is to have the content as close to the end subscriber as possible, so that it can be accessed in the most efficient way possible – the fewest network hops and the least amount of time possible between the end user device and the content. CDN providers often place content storage servers at the local ISP level, so that content providers don’t have to make deals with every individual ISP but can do through the CDN provider instead.”

The way content delivery networks work is that they remove as many network hops as possible between them and their subscribers. This moves the end users closer to the actual content. And because subscribers are close to the strategically placed servers, they can stream content as if they were next door to the content delivery network.

At Medianova, our goal is to provide our subscribers with a fluid streaming experience. We do this by investing in our infrastructure, software and strategically placing servers around the globe, and removing any barriers between ourselves and our subscribers. We’re currently present in Turkey, the Middle-East, Europe, and the U.S. and we execute about 2 billion daily transactions.

We encourage all prospective clients to speak with us before making any final decisions. To talk more about content delivery networks, or anything else, please contact us.

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