Enterprise Video: Helping You Implement your Marketing Videos

Video marketing is becoming more important by the day. Businesses are now encouraged to add videos to their website to engage visitors visually. It is widely held that videos certainly play an important role in digital marketing.

A recent Business News Daily article talks about the importance of videos in marketing strategy. In the article, marketing expert Russ Somers elaborates on the style of communication achieved with videos:

“There’s a big opportunity to visually show products to consumers. [Brands] are starting to understand that video isn’t just an advertising or conversion-driving medium, but the best way to communicate [product] features along the full customer journey.””

While it’s true that you should be adding videos to your website, you also have to think about the technology behind them. Will you be able to host the videos on your own? Are your servers capable of supporting not just the videos, but also the website traffic?

At Medianova, we offer an enterprise video solution to help businesses who find themselves in this exact situation. We’re not marketers, but we help businesses that have internal marketing teams host their videos.

The important thing is that when businesses use our enterprise video solution, they’re also saving their bandwidth. You don’t have to worry about overloading your bandwidth by uploading multiple videos to your website.

In addition, our servers are more than capable of uploading HD videos. So when you plan or shoot a small clip, you can use the best possible option on your camera concerning resolution and video quality.

Video marketing is something all businesses should consider. But before you start shooting a video, make sure you’ll be able to host it on your website.

To talk more about enterprise video, or anything else, please contact us.

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