Transitioning to Mobile Business Operations with Medianova

A growing trend seen in the business world today is that businesses are trying to go mobile. With every new development of technology, the need to do business in the company office is further reduced. Businesses now don’t want to be tied down to their office. Instead, they’d rather have the option to do work and complete tasks from anywhere.

A survey conducted by Vanson Bourne prompted over 1,700 senior IT decisions makers. The results of the survey signal that most businesses are now trying to increase their mobility and mobile options. In addition, businesses are even developing new management techniques that will let them manage employees from any location:

“Just more than half (51 percent) of organizations say they are changing management processes to better manage those working on any device from anywhere, and the results indicated organizations are most focused on measuring the impact that mobility has on productivity and employee motivation.”

Increasing mobile options means a few things for businesses. The number one priority is access to data. Previously, businesses could not do this because all the documents were secured safely in the office. Now, however, businesses can use cloud storage to access their data from any device that has Internet capabilities and permission from the company. Cloud storage also protects the information better than a file cabinet and a key ever could.

Another factor of mobility for businesses is mobile streaming. Many companies use media files to transmit company announcements and training videos. Mobile streaming allows employees to access company media files when they are not in the office. Businesses can therefore manage employees who are living hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Many businesses are now switching to more mobile business operations. The switch requires a change in management and access to new technology. If you’re interested in increasing you’re businesses’ mobility, contact us.

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