Why It’s Important to Ask Cloud Storage Service Providers About Ownership

The implementation of cloud storage is inevitable in order to improve the efficiency of businesses. Traditional data backup methods now seem outdated, and although they are still frequently used, many companies would benefit from the cost-effective cloud storage solution.

Cloud storage provides clients with a peace-of-mind in knowing that their data is protected and can be accessed at any time. Security is the backbone of cloud storage and is provided on a different level that traditional backup methods could never accomplish; data stored on hard drives can fail or even be physically stolen, but data stored on the cloud is hosted off-site, so the threat of a physical burglary is immediately solved by cloud storage.

Cloud Storage by Medianova
Cloud Storage by Medianova

But while cloud storage improves the level of security compared to that provided by traditional backup methods, a common misconception is that the data stored on the cloud may be compromised or stolen. Many businesses are also apprehensive of the policies of cloud storage service providers, and aren’t exactly sure about the ownership of the data.

A Tech Target article discusses this topic and explains that it’s something that clients must consider before choosing a cloud storage service provider. According to the article, data ownership should be one of the first things asked, and if you’re not immediately sure that you would keep ownership of the data, a red flag should immediately go up:

“Who holds ownership of the data? This one requires a simple answer. If the vendor’s response isn’t “you,” it is best to walk away and not look back.”

Storing data on the cloud is certainly a change in business operations, and clients should feel completely safe with their cloud service provider. At Medianova, we try to help you through this transition, and do not hesitate to ensure you that you’ll retain full ownership rights over your data. We provide the servers and backups, but you and only you will have ownership claims over your data.

If you’re interested in cloud storage, contact us.

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