The Growing Needs for CDN in Turkey

It is no secret that Turkey is one of the world’s rising centers of growth in internet adoption and the embrace of new media. With its soaring online presence and its growing need for reliable rich media delivery, Turkey is the perfect place for the expansion of content delivery networks (CDN) which harness the power of sophisticated network hardware and strategies to ensure a quality viewing experience for a web provider’s customers. Let’s take a closer look at the growth of Turkey’s online community.

By the middle of 2012, Turkey had a reported 35,000,000 users, representing 44.4% of the population. When broken down into unique internet visitors, Turkey accounted for 23.1 million in August 2011. Not only has there been a high level of adoption and sheer volume of users, but the engagement time and depth of the user’s internet experience has been rich. In a report by comScore, Turkish internet users’ average of 32.7 hours online came in third among all countries reporting.


With this high level of engagement, what is also impressive is the amount of video usage. 89% of the online community in Turkey accessed online video in February 2011, for an average of 144 videos per person and a total of 14.8 hours of viewing time. The extremely important demographic of males ages 15-24 accounted 20.8 hours of video viewed per person. Facebook adoption is also high in Turkey, and not surprisingly 792 million videos were viewed via Facebook in this same month.

With such a marked internet presence and media viewing needs, a CDN service such as Medianova is invaluable. A CDN alleviates the challenges and bottlenecks of high-performance media streaming so that a web content provider can worry less about delivering high quality on its rich media streams and keep its viewers engaged.

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