Why Enterprise Video is Cheaper and Favorable to Hosting Meetings?

Communicating with the entire company is one of the most difficult problems businesses face today. Formal meetings and events are typically expensive and companies can only afford to host them every so often. Without consistent communication, however, companies cannot maintain a standard organizational alignment.

Yet with new advances and innovations in technology, communication doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Enterprise video is now being used by businesses more and more frequently because it allows them to communicate with many employees at a very low price.

Medianova helps your company experience enterprise video for whichever ends you find desirable. Whether you want to communicate with employees or add new videos to your website, we can help you along the way. We help with the technical side of the equation, so your company doesn’t need to worry if you have enough bandwidth or servers.

In order to properly understand the benefits of enterprise video, imagine how your company would deal with informing its staff about new deadlines and appointments. Without enterprise video, the best way to communicate such important information is to gather all the employees and hold a meeting. This costs money and isn’t the most efficient means of communication, since employees are distracted from their work.

With enterprise video, however, companies can simply record a video and send it to all the employees. The video can be short, informative, and on-demand so employees can view it when they would like and can replay it if they missed the information the first time around.

By sending a video instead of hosting a meeting, the company saves both time and money. Employees also aren’t wasting their time, and instead of traveling to the meeting, they can simply watch the video quickly and return to their work.

If you would like more information about enterprise video, contact us.

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