Support: A Building Block of Medianova CDN

For customers, few things are as frustrating as getting stuck in a problem while using the solution or application, and then having to navigate a mesh to reach the right solution vendor representative, only to end up in endless email chains, poor support, delayed responses, and unclear communications.

At Medianova, we consider customer support as one of our most critical business arms. By investing in the right set of infrastructure and training programs, we ensure that both our processes, as well as our customer service representatives, deliver the highest quality of experience to our customers. 

As a reward for our top-notch service quality, we have cultivated a strong association with our clientele base – reflecting in the repeat businesses that we get year after year. Strong customer service and support, along with short SLAs have been our USPs in the highly competitive market space. 

In today’s time, customers expect fast and 24*7 response SLAs. We understand this and hence 24*7, reliable, and personalized customer service support are our utmost priorities. 

Our 24*7 support program is there to ensure that our customers get instantaneous, and high quality of support at all times. This has ensured that we have built deeper and long-lasting customer relationships. 

Our 24*7 customer service programs ensure that you get a response within 3 minutes from one of our expert customer service representatives. Our committed customer service representatives have been trained on the latest protocols, techniques, and platforms to provide continuous and unwavering commitment and dedication. 

With our superlative commitment to customer support and satisfaction, we have been able to deliver high levels of customer service to our clients situated globally. With active data centers located across the globe, we guarantee 100% uptime for your infrastructure solutions, websites, and applications

We acknowledge that each of our customers will have their unique expectations, and specifications with regard to troubleshooting. Along with our stress on superior post-sales experiences, we try to give a super quick response time on the issues raised by our customers. 

It is all about being AGILE

We realize that emails can be an extremely cumbersome and slow mechanism to address customer concerns. Emails not only increase the time to respond but also email chains can be very tedious in order to convey, store, and exchange information – deteriorating the quality of support. It is for this reason, that we rely on Slack. Slack is used by many of our customers for streamlining their workflow communications. Slack for customer service enables us to make the communication and response super fast – enabling us to deliver on the promise of AGILE

Another crucial benefit offered by Slack is the high number of API integrations that it supports numerous platforms. 

This is essential in many workflows, especially when the customer needs to send the data to different channels. Because of the API integration support, the customer, as well as our support team, get immediately notified whenever any issue arises here. 

These two features, the extensive API support, and the support for transparent and agile communication between multiple teams make Slack a handy platform for handling and resolving customer queries. By providing complete compatibility with your company’s IT, and security standards, our processes are designed to provide seamless services that are aligned to your standards.  

Our streamlined customer service workflows on Slack enable us to deliver a high level of flexibility, and the desired expertise to our customers when they need it. 

By creating multiple channels and including the people of relevant expertise in these different channels, we ensure that the query, and issue raised by our customers can reach the right customer service representative who has the requisite level of expertise and skills to solve it effectively and efficiently. 

Slack also enables us to collect customer feedback during every stage of the process and provide highly personalized and accurate support. In short, our reliance on Slack for our customer support helps us to provide very dynamic, agile, flexible, and proactive support for consistently delivering on the high expectations that we have set for ourselves in terms of delivering on our customer service promises.  

We are very happy to declare that we have invested in the right set of processes, technology, and infrastructure to provide you with the assurance of world-class support, available 24*7 and at the tips of your fingers. 

Our investments, which we continually seek to evaluate and improve by using user-defined metrics help us to remain continuously invested in helping you to achieve your business outcomes. 

Our team of expert solution consultants understands the nuts, and bolts of how to help you devise system integrations across databases, OS, and hardware. 

In short, we do not only focus on the technical aspects of the solution, but our personalized, flexible, 24*7 and expert support is designed to help you improve your business outcomes, cost-effectively and efficiently so that you are prepared to meet and address any business disruption head-on

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