Remote Work For Software Companies: Medianova

Remote Work, Not From Home

With the Covid-19 process, remote work is a concept that we hear more often. A new world, a new opening, in which we move rapidly in order to protect our health and adapt to digital transformation processes. Both our lives and our work started to become more digital with each passing day. In the technology world, perhaps the area that can adapt to this transformation faster will be the software industry.

In a time when everything is digitalized and we have systems monitored through online platforms, it would not be logical to feel the need for a physical environment, in other words, an office. Why should we waste hours of time every day in traffic and spend time adapting when we enter the office? If we give an example from the software world, can we need to write this code in a specific place, since we have deployed the code we write on common platforms? Being able to do all our work remotely does not have to be from home, it provides much more convenience and benefits for us and our company in every aspect. Working from a cafe, by the beach, from our home, in short anywhere we have the internet, will positively affect our business and social life. By adopting this style to our lives, of course.

How To Embed Remote Working Into Your Social Life

Working remotely in different lifestyles will have an impact in many ways. In companies such as Medianova, where the goal is to do the job correctly and on time, it will not be difficult to continue your work together with the habits of your social life.

Possible situations such as cottage, winter, travel, being alone with the family, etc. can be increased much more, it will be sufficient to have a computer and internet. Wouldn’t you like to determine where to code tomorrow? Or being able to do your job at a place where you have to go?

When we consider all of these, it is indisputable that working remotely will provide us with very different advantages.

Advantages Of Remote Work

 Instead of staying in the same environment, the same table at the office or at home, for example, easily changing the location will be the most important contribution of working remotely. To be able to act as you want. If we assume that our brain is the most important instrument we use when writing code, wouldn’t it be easier to utilize the time/way we use it best and most productively?

  •  It’s a much more flexible day. Is it time to write code?
  • Avoiding loss of time and motivation to and from work.
  • Increase in productivity. A chance to do your job when you are most productive. The factors around you that will disrupt you will also decrease. You can organize your workspace as you wish rather than obligatory environments.
  • Ability to travel and go anywhere outside of vacation. The freedom to do your job wherever you go.
  • Getting rid of stressors such as lunch, office clothes, public transportation crowd. We can throw away the question marks that fill your mind and give our fresh mind to our business more easily.


Not only for us but also for our company;

  • Increasing the employee’s contribution to the above items
  • The possibility to gather employees from all over the world, thus an increase in performance and quality.
  • The opportunity to grow the company by avoiding extra costs like electricity, food, transportations, facilities, etc.

How About Software Companies? 

One of the most important proofs that technology frees us in our sector, which is becoming more and more global every day, is actually the ability to make software projects by working remotely. While developing a project, there will be different experts who play roles at different points. However, it will never be an obligation for these people to sit side by side. Especially after the times we have recently gone through.

Common development documents, online tracking systems, editable API sets, code repos have made it much easier and possible for us to do remote pair programming.

If we need to start from a real incident in our company;

Before the earthquake in İzmir in 2020, the software team was developing the code for a project. When one of the team members went out when the earthquake started, he used quick shortcuts to push the codes he had written so far to the repos. The pride we felt when we saw the post-earthquake transaction log was indescribable. It was a true example of the convenience of working with online systems and that code can be developed without working from the office and under any conditions if necessary.

On the other hand, in order to explain how suitable the software industry is for remote working, it will be sufficient to think as follows;

  • Most of the time, direct customer contact is not required.
  • Having employees skilled in working asynchronously

So how did we manage to work remotely at Medianova?

  • Medianova is a company with offices and individual employees in different cities and countries.
  • There was always the ability to actively use collaborative platforms. Meetings, presentations, online training, slack, etc.
  • The software team has members in 3 different cities. These teams can work together on projects independently of the city and are able to advance the processes successfully.
  • We have properly integrated online code storage systems and access.

Besides all these;

  • We use communication tools very actively.
  • Online group communication is standard practice for us
  • Approval and business development processes have been in the competence of our company for a long time
  • Automated information messages and bots in place
  • Our system health check mechanisms

With that being said, we wish all of you to work efficiently, flexibly, and remotely, while being part of a company that believes in you!


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