Training? Yes please! –

I want my company to give importance to my training and development, but, how much of it do I benefit from?

Training and development opportunities, which most employees expect from their companies, are now among the foundation and goals of many companies. Training processes and programs, structured under the name of Academy in general, aim for both personal and corporate success by supporting employees with various training offerings. But how much can the employees benefit from training and how much do the companies support the employee?

Because of the changing dynamics of the world, the fast development of technology, and the accessibility of information, most companies are looking for employees that can easily adapt to the rapidly changing world and who are open to development. Planning the development of both employee and company goals together brings along a growing success. As a technology company, Medianova provides many opportunities to train and develop its employees. It also supports personal development with department and company-based training that are aligned with employees’ specific needs and development requirements in different fields. Medianova – which offers endless training options from social skills training to technical training, from personal development seminars to mandatory training – is also aware that employee development is among the key factors that affect company development and that the future is in the collaboration of technology and training.

On the other hand, as internalization leads to success in learning and development processes, employees are expected to be willing to receive – and complete – training. At this point, it is normal for companies, which not only offer various opportunities but also enrich these opportunities with personalization – to expect action from their employees. Sometimes training turns into something which the employees demand at first and gradually start postponing with common reasons such as not being able to spare time because of the workload, forgetting and not focusing on them. This is actually due to the fact that the employees don’t see the training as an essential need. In addition, some employees suggest that they are at a better level than the one the training offers or that they no longer need training due to their seniority; all of which account for reasons that hinder development in the end.

In conclusion, even though institutions care about and develop learning and development opportunities, because of their person-centric scope, the results and impact can only be measured by the importance given by an individual. While demanding training opportunities can be described as the easiest step, being able to create space and take the necessary actions to participate in training is what shows the difference among individuals. There is no doubt that corporate success and sustainable development exist only with continuous training.

While Medianova cares about always supporting all its employees and contributing to their development with the training opportunities it offers, it once again underlines that corporate success and sustainable development only exist through continuous training.

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