NexTech AR: The future of e-commerce will pivot on AR (Augmented Reality)

9 January- 2019

Augmented Reality was introduced to Everyone when the famous Pokemon Go game came out. The idea that you can blur the line between the virtual and real world, by looking through your camera and seeing things that don’t exist in reality. This Is what AR is about.

Business people wouldn’t let this opportunity slip from their hands. Thus, they decided to implement this technology in a meaningful and immersive e-commerce experience.

Google’s Magic leap, Oculus, ARKit, Vivid work, Augment, Sayduck, and others are all names of inventions and startups on which millions of dollars have been invested in the past years, an attempt to create a flawless AR experience.

NexTech AR, a company offering AR solutions to e-commerce companies, stood out of the crowd this first week of 2019. They announced the integration of Experience API (xAPI) analytics into its patent-pending web enabler AR e-commerce platform, and also the acquisition of a revenue-generating e-commerce business of its own.

The xAPI analytics integration allows the tracking of click through, time spent on page and sales. Unlike Google Analytics, xAPI provides more flexibility and a broader spectrum of options, data-wise.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech AR, explained in a meeting with Stockhouse editorial that the technology they are using doesn’t require the user to download an app. Instead, it offers a web-enabled AR solution that works on every e-commerce website. NexTech AR does this by turning all 2D objects on the site to 3D. They proceed by adding some lines of codes to finally get to enjoy the AR experience by the end user.

To wrap up, keep in mind that AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined open a world of endless possibilities for e-commerce retailers. This is a technology that will run for years and definitely revolutionize the way we shop

Source: NexTech AR, StockHouse.

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