Why We Thrive While Some Other CDN Providers Fail?

Being Eastern Europe’s fastest CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider is not easy. That’s why we don’t shy out from proudly expressing it. But we think that we should state the reasons behind our success to solidify that success and pave the way for more.

That’s why we would like to clarify the reasons behind our success for people who are looking for a better, faster and more agile CDN provider so that can make a decision based on facts. As a side note, we don’t mean our competitors are particularly “inadequate” but rather we are just better. And let’s see “why”?

Agile CDN Mentality

Hardware is the foundation of any tech business. Almost all tech giants and tech-savvy individuals go after the fastest, biggest, strongest hardware. But hardware can only take you so far. Without the efficient use and constant optimization via software, hardware cannot achieve much.

That’s why at Medianova, we are very keen on adopting an agile mentality. Although in regard of hardware, we use the latest technology available, we take it one step further with the adoption of new software advancements such as BBR (Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-Trip Propagation Time), video streaming standards such as H.265, patent-pending dockerized CDN Platform, HTTP/2, Brotli and TLS 1.3.

In a world where some of the global giant legacy CDN providers start laying off hundreds of employees, we keep a close eye on software advancements as well as new hardware technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

We Have One Focus: Faster Online Content Delivery

Companies offering services in multiple businesses cannot fully specialize in each of those businesses.
At Medianova, we have a single business, therefore only one focus:
Delivering online content faster! The services we offer, are sub-branches of that business, making us the expert in our focus. From cloud storage to CDN, OTT (over-the-top) to streaming video, we handle the business as a whole and we expertise in it as a whole.

We Think Globally and Act Locally

Although in regard to speed, data delivering technology the world has now cannot even be compared to, let’s say what it has 10 years ago, geography is still a factor.
Location of your servers and the location of your visitors, clients or users are still a major factor in the speed of your content delivery. That’s why we have 34 servers in 14 countries and provide one of the fastest services where we are located. In fact, 70% of the national media companies in Turkey working on Medianova platforms are serving to over 30 million internet users without any glitch. That’s also how we became the regional solution partner for global brands.

We Keep Your Data Secure

We secure our servers with the latest available technology, but we also take our own measures such as two-factor authentication. The reason behind we take such measures is simple: We know our clients. We know how they work. In an e-commerce platform, OTT service or a gaming network there are so many 3rd party collaborators that need to access the system. Multi-entry points mean more vulnerabilities in security. Since we or our clients cannot prevent all the administrators and other contributors from accessing the system, we provide extra security without sacrificing convenience. Fast for users, secure and easy for employees. That’s how we roll and this is why all our services are GDPR-ready (General Data Protection Regulation).

We Provide Convenience

We know that faster internet is not a luxury,
it is just the new norms.

Users want to watch videos in the instance of a click and gamers snap if they miss a shot because of delay.

Even a CAPTCHA can make users leave a site and never come back again. Yes, you may expect them to understand that this is also for their own security. You can even try to make them understand that, but you can’t. This is why we work on technologies like “bad bot protection”. Because we want what the users want too and provide our clients’ platform with it. We want to be more secure and convenient at the same time. Well all CDN want that too, but our difference from the most of them out there is: We achieve it.

There are some qualified CDN providers out there and we are aware that everyone tries their best in this game. But the services we provide are the difference between good and the best.

Let us know if you are ready to test a better CDN powered with latest agile technology and the best service.

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