Medianova: Now the Largest CDN of Turkey, the Middle East and Africa

Enter Medianova, the largest provider of content delivery networks (CDNs) in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, offering a solution to a problem emerging markets like these face more and more.

Medianova is the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa

Problem: Internet Traffic Jams

Conventional websites link to a single host server. As your business grows, it may outgrow the capacity of that one server to route traffic to and from your website. The obvious advantage, of a higher volume or traffic, may come with definite disadvantages. One, your customers may experience poorer service, in the form of slower speeds and even lack of access. Secondly, expansion may necessitate your firm conduct business farther and farther away from that one server.

Effects: Missed Opportunities in Vibrant Markets

Unfortunately, in exciting, emerging markets, like countries in the Middle East and Africa, welcome surges in Internet traffic can cause unwelcome lags or interruptions in service. And those, in turn, can cap that traffic. When visitors link to websites that stall or quit, they may abandon those websites altogether. Fewer visitors to your website may equate to less business for your firm, even in the most viable, thriving markets.

Solution: Medianova’s Top Content Delivery Networks

State-of-the-art Medianova Content Delivery Networks, or “MEDIACDNs,” efficiently funnel internet traffic to multiple hosts, rather than a central hub. Please contact us so our consultants can assist your business in making the most of our top-performing CDNs.

Quite ingeniously, Medianova CDNs store your websites on multiple servers, each one strategically located throughout the world, and enable your visitors to connect to your website via a host located nearest to them. This advantage translates to faster load times and thus a more favorable user experience. A better user experience translates to increased traffic to your websites.

According to a recent Medianova blog:

Content delivery networks ensure that audio, video, and other interesting content gets delivered to the user in a way that is quick and efficient. These networks are extremely helpful for the consumer, but they also take pressure off of the websites that use them. Sites that hire content delivery networks can take pressure off of their servers and thus save money.

How does Medianova achieve such positive results?

First, Medianova offers Static Content Acceleration (CDN), a cloud hosting platform, which delivers image, video, music, CSS, and JavaScript files to end users on servers distributed geographically.

Secondly, Medianova offers “Dynamic Content Acceleration, or “Aksela,” a site acceleration platform that optimizes websites and devices to work faster.

Ultimate Benefits:

Ultimately, Medianova’s CDNs offer two key benefits: better service for your customers and bigger markets for your firm. As market analysts report, while markets in the West level off in the current business environment, markets in the Turkey, the Middle East and Africa continue to rise.

As this Medianova blog reports:

Recently, the internet penetration rate for the Middle East and North Africa checked in at around 39%, but in the coming years the penetration rate will increase. As the penetration rate grows, companies that rely on the internet will grow as well. In particular, content delivery networks should grow at a rapid pace.

To Get Ahead, Get Behind the CDN Leader, Medianova

Medianova is the content delivery powerhouse in emerging markets.  As a recent Medianova blog forecasts:

One company poised to make major strides during the next decade is Medianova. Medianova is currently the leading content delivery network in the Middle East, and they are likely to continue growing as internet usage grows in the region. This will make Medianova a technology power.

Let Medianova help your business turn a problem into a solution–and harness that power. The resultant power surge you experience may be your own!

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