Important Site acceleration Service Facts

At Medianova, we encourage organizations to adapt search engine optimization (SEO) in order to increase their page rank, brand visibility, and attract customers. Site acceleration is a major component of SEO. Businesses need site optimization to increase the chances of customers finding them on Google Search. Site acceleration improves your search rank while providing an exciting experience for the potential clients and customers who visit your website.

When you use a site acceleration service to hoist your website, the images load as the website loads. Even when the website has several images, the consumer does not have to wait for the website to fully load. In digital marketing, the time taken by the website to load determines a consumer’s stay on your website.

At Medianova, we offer a site acceleration service known as Aksela. Aksela has the most superior benefits when compared to other content delivery networks (CDN).  Businesses that use Aksela enhance the website load up to 43%. It uses image compression along with code optimization to reduce a company’s website loading time. This reduces the website’s load hence enhancing its performance.

aksela banner eng

Apart from improving the user’s website experience, Search Engine Optimization and search rank, site acceleration also facilitates your access to real-time analytics that may change your website marketing. You may use these analytics to improve the user’s experience.

Real-time analytics can improve your website from rearranging content to enhancing loading times thus making the website more user-friendly.

For more information on our site acceleration services or anything else, contact us.

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