Reach Out to Employees Worldwide with Enterprise Video

In life and in business, things just happen. Sometimes, missing important training and meetings is unavoidable. However, there’s a solution.

Put your business center-stage with Medianova’s Enterprise Video, a 360-degree video platform that showcases all of your corporate communications, orientation sessions, and training modules from a single point, all to be viewed any time of the day or night.

This show-stopper service provides an “end-to-end platform offering on-demand or live corporate video solutions,” as described on the Medianova website.

With Enterprise Video, all eyes will be on your expert staff as they conduct training sessions in the field. Moreover, your in-house meetings and presentations that stream live on this platform live will have the maximum chance to attract the maximum number of viewers. No one needs to miss an important meeting, ever again.

Indeed, with this service, you can broadcast video presentations internally, via the Intranet, or globally, via the internet.

After that, you and your staff can count on an in-depth reporting feature that compiles and stores relevant and valuable data, including the following: viewing rates, viewers, devices, and locations.

Medianova offers Enterprise Video in three different modes, depending on your firm’s requirements and resources, as outlined on the Medianova website:

Local : Provides access through Intranet and eliminates Internet costs.

Hybrid : Features low Internet and setup costs.

Cloud Enterprise Video : Offers zero setup costs.

The potential benefits of Enterprise Video are exponential. Would you like to;

  • Preserve corporate proceedings and histories on video,
  • Reduce operating costs at the office and in the field,
  • Enhance your company’s image with staff and customers,
  • Save money with pay-per-use provisions that do not reduce company bandwidth or network “Cloud” capacity,
  • Provide high-definition quality videos without interference or interruption,
  • Provide convenient on-demand viewing of all of your corporate presentations, meetings, and training sessions,
  • Make a name for yourself as a techno-savvy employer who provides employees with on-demand access to video archives via the Internet, mobile phones, and tablets,
  • Encourage and empower employees to collaborate in order to achieve more effective training results and greater productivity,
  • Benefit from maximum security capabilities, as Medianova’s Enterprise Video will always conform to your company’s specific security needs and standards,

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, Medianova’s Enterprise Video services may be perfect for you, so your firm can claim a perpetual place in the spotlight with staff and customers alike.


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