How Site Acceleration Can Revamp Your Business Website

When a potential customer visits your company’s website, you want to be sure that everything is running smoothly. Nowadays, when customers visit a business’ web page, they expect a certain level of performance that will support their web browsing. Customers expect quick loading times, instant access to pictures and videos, and no broken links.

A user’s experience on your business’ website may turn a potential customer into a repeat customer. The best way to ensure a smooth web browsing experience is to use some from of site acceleration to improve the performance of your web page.

Site acceleration improves a web site so that data loads faster and the information is more accessible. It relies on storage systems, acceleration cards, fiber networks, dynamic traffic routing, and lightweight delivery platforms to get the job done. Because so much equipment is required to provide such a service, most businesses outsource site acceleration to a content delivery network.

There are several benefits of site acceleration that far outweigh the costs, both in the long run and short run. Site acceleration provides faster downloads from your website in many cities throughout the world. This means that whether a user is in Europe or even North America, he’ll be able to quickly download content from your website. Such content, such as presentations and pricing plans, may even lead to future sales.

Another benefit of site acceleration is an improvement in site conversions, namely, the shorted loading times experienced when a user accesses your website. Site acceleration can turn your old clunky website into a refined site that functions smoothly.

And lastly, the most important benefit of site acceleration is that you can outsource it. There’s no need to support such equipment on your own when you can simply offload the network and bandwith to a content delivery network. This lowers the cost and improves the performance.

If you would like more information about site acceleration, contact us.

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