Global Business Operations with a Site Acceleration Service

There are several reasons for wanting to take your business global and expand your market reach. Maybe you maxed out your current target market and you need to keep attracting new customers to expand your business. Or maybe you’ve noticed a low-hanging fruit abroad, and it’s just waiting for you to go over there and claim it. International business is beneficial for all involved, but you’ll need to be able to communicate with customers in clients if you choose to take your business global.

Content delivery networks help businesses make the transition to international business operations. The important service provided by CDNs to make this possible is site acceleration. Site acceleration is the process of improving the load times and speed of your website so that it’s more accessible for customers.

The problem most businesses have is that even if they have a well-designed, informative web site, customers abroad are too far away from their data center to actually use their website. The user experience is clunky and slow, and customers are more likely to look for local competitors that have functioning web sites.

With site acceleration provided by content delivery networks, however, businesses can advertise their website all around the world. Content delivery networks have the equipment to support your website globally. This service is provided to you at a relatively low cost, especially compared to purchasing equipment and performing site acceleration on your own.

The implications of this can have a great effect on your business. Cities like Beijing, New York, Istanbul, and Chicago are now reasonable destinations to expand your market reach. You can advertise to and communicate with locals through your website, without having to spend extravagant amounts of money.

If you would like more information about site acceleration, contact us.

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