How a Content Delivery Network Can Improve your Company’s Website

A content delivery network has several functions, and one of which is to improve the speed and functionality of your company’s website. Your company’s website is in many cases the first impression a customer has of your business, and it’s important that your website is at its very best when new customers access it.

Content delivery network can improve the performance of your company’s website in the five following points:


Perhaps the most important benefit of a content delivery network is the first thing customers will notice when they visit your website: its increased speed. CDNs send data to users along the most timely route, so your website will have fasted load times, improved quality of images and videos, and eventually more page views.


With CDNs, it’s not a problem if a server goes down; CDNs have multiple servers so if a specific server happens to go down, the user will simply be switched to a different server without noticing a difference or experiencing any downtime.


You may design your website with only a certain amount of web traffic in mind, but CDNs make scalability easy so you won’t have to worry about it. With a CDN, you can just concentrate on your website’s content and appeal to customers, rather than worry about the technical implications of a burst in web traffic.

Cost savings

Premium content delivery networks aren’t free, but they’re still a cost-saving alternative to buying additional hardware. When relying on hardware, your company has no choice but to buy more as your company grows, but as mentioned before, scalability with CDNs is simple and you’ll save money over time.

Search Rankings

Page loading times are a crucial factor in SEO for Google and other search engines. Since a CDN improves your website’s loading time, it will also enhance your SEO to increase your brand exposure.

If you would like more information about content delivery networks, contact us.

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