Four tips to successful video marketing

With the reach of video-based smart phone apps increasing steadily across the consumer base from Europe to the U.S. to China, businesses are looking more and more toward real-time video sharing, or Online Video Platform (OVP), to promote their brand. And why not? Many smartphones the world over now offer video cameras, so a quick video is only a few finger taps away.

Multiscreen Delivery with OVP
Multiscreen Delivery with OVP

If you’re looking to use Online Video Platform this year, here are four tips to get you started:

Think short and sweet
Don’t forget that time is at a premium for your customers. That’s why apps like Vine and Instagram — which allow only a few seconds of sharable video — offer some of the best, quick-hitting enterprise opportunities. If you can tell your story in less than 15 seconds on Instagram, go for it.

Plan for the long-term
Randomized posts don’t have the reach that a set schedule does. Consider drawing up a content schedule and make sure you stick to it. Also, use  the small, quick-hitting posts to tell a larger, longer narrative throughout the year.

Engage your audience
Online Video is a great way to both get your customers to respond to you and to refine your brand for your customers. Are customers having a particularly difficult time with one of your products? Try submitting a quick tutorial on YouTube and on your Video Portal. Want to know what your customers think of something in the news? Post a quick video to Vine asking them.

Intertwine with other social media
An unwatched YouTube video won’t help your business grow. Link your posts from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media accounts to generate the highest amount of views.

As Medianova, we are here to help for the digital convergence and video strategies.

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