Choosing the Content Delivery Network Right for Your Business

A content delivery network, or CDN, can be a useful tool for any business. Utilizing a CDN provides businesses a partner in supplying employees and customers the software needed to keep business going. Content delivery networks provide a reliable method on which to depend for consistent connectivity. Choosing which CDN is right for your business depends on what services and products you need to conduct business.

A content delivery network can specialize in providing your business with Cloud based and other remote solutions to help free up your network. By using a Cloud based solution your business saves money and time by utilizing servers capable of handling process intensive tasks without needing to buy the hardware explicitly.

CDN in Turkey
MNCDN – CDN by Medianova

Many of these solutions provide other Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. These kinds of services are designed to provide businesses solutions at the moment of need. Instead of buying software and licenses, Software-as-a-Service supplies specific software solutions like media encoding, content management, and even office productivity to provide instant results. SaaS solutions are common services from CDNs, but each CDN provides its own unique software.

A CDN can also be used as a remote data backup or storage medium. Maintaining a data backup is a great way to insure that business continues in unfortunate situations. These can also be a way for data to be shared between remote offices or employees quickly and easily. These solutions are typically based as a Cloud solution from the CDN.

To choose the right CDN for your business, you should consider what services that are vital to keep your business running. Cloud solutions are a great way to save and share data while reducing costs of network hardware purchase and maintenance. Look at what kinds of Softwares-as-a-Service CDNs offer that can meet your needs. If you host streaming video or important documents, you may want to consider a CDN capable of encoding media or producing documents of different types. CDNs are also great to keep business data secure by using them as a remote backup.

Medianova is the largest content delivery network in Turkey and the Middle East. If you think your business can benefit from using our services, please contact us so we can provide you information detailed to your needs.

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